After School Explorers’ Club by Project Playdate at Pine Street School

It is our mission to create an after school program that will help shape our children into the next generation of global thinkers and change makers. Not only it is our goal to expose children to a wide variety of new skills, interests and experiences, but to also enhance their love for learning, instill a passion for trying new things, perpetuate their curiosity and promote their development into well-rounded young leaders.
We have recruited some of New York City’s best children’s specialists to provide a comprehensive experience that includes math and science, language and culture, swimming and tennis, and the arts. These specialists will offer a consistent structure and curriculum from Monday-Friday from 3pm to 6pm.
Over the course of each week, students will have access to a broad spectrum of worldly and creative, social and physical learning.

Our fun and enriching programs:

Fall Session:
September to December
Winter Session:
January to March
Spring Session:
April to June


During the first hour of each afternoon students will be served a snack. You may also opt for them to receive individualized homework help or academic support in place of participating in Chess, Checkers, Backgammon.

Daily Homework Help: While after school learning is important, it is crucial that our students feel confident in their academics from the school day. The Project Playdate team will work with each student to assist them with their homework needs and speak with each parent to determine areas of academic growth that can be nurtured during our first hour of after school. This daily homework help will ensure that participating students excel in school and maintain a commitment to their academic responsibilities.

Explorers Away!: To maintain the highest standard of explorative and transformative learning, every Friday will be dedicated to a new and enriching educational experience or community service. Fridays will include a featured workshop led by one of NYC’s best children’s specialists or will include an organized excursion. These monthly field trips will take place either locally or uptown to explore some of New York’s most prominent educational institutions. Explorers' Club excursions will be appropriate for all after school ages, with children assigned to teams and a Project Playdate leader based on their age, and with older children practicing leadership skills through role modeling for and mentoring younger children.

Supervised Walk Over Service: Pine Street School is located in the heart of the Financial District - a booming community of families with children. This innovative after school program is open to the local community. The Project Playdate has a few more spots available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for supervised walk over to Pine Street School from the Peck Slip School

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