Special Events


Guests Celebrate. Child Care Covered.

By combining premier child care and professional coordination with fun and interactive children’s entertainment, we help to create an unforgettably special celebration for you and your guests.



Our Solution For Guests
Allows parents to attend events that they otherwise would be unable to.
Provides care for children without compromising guest or host experience.
Frees up parents to be present and actually enjoy the party.
Shows that the host is thoughtful and forward thinking!
Our Solution For Planners
Eliminates the stress of planning entertainment for children.
Coordinates logistics with all stakeholders to ensure a seamless and successful experience.
Provides a unique service for guests with children.
Offers an alternative for hosts that do not want children attending the main party.


We highly recommend scheduling a consultation before making a deposit or purchase. Purchases are only refundable if the date is not available.