Playgroups and Kid Tours

KidTours are social care adventures with NYC's most celebrated attractions for kids. These tours are designed to be parent-free, though parents are welcome to join for as long as they’d like! This way, visiting and local parents alike can enjoy their own time off while knowing that their children are having a safe and meaningful childcare experience. All tours include a meal, admission fees and additional enrichment lead by our playdate specialists - like arts and crafts - so that your child can have a fully immersive experience. See pre-designed tours below or request your own!

Playgroups are structured social care experiences that can take place almost anywhere. We recommend any movement-based playdate occur at a local playground or outdoor space. All other enrichment opportunities can be hosted in a living room, hotel room, residential playroom, and some even at a local restaurant. All playgroups include an enriching activity, play-time, and facilitated group games. Activity expenses, meals, and other add-ons, with parent approval, will be included at-cost in the final invoice.

What is Social Care?

An activity-packed playdate or playgroup facilitated by a professional caregiver.
All Project Playdate experiences provide enrichment through social care. This means every playdate requires at least 2 children. You can keep the playdate closed to just your own network, or open it up to families in the local community. Social care allows us to incorporate best practices in socio-emotional development. It also gets the best people in child care paid more, so that you can be sure the experience will always be professional and safe. If you need a playdate match, just ask!
Meet our Specialists

At least 48 hours notice recommended for Playgroup or KidTour booking. 

Project Playdate maintains a 1:4 ratio of experienced child care providers to children in the 3-6 age range and a 1:6 ratio for children in the 7-10 age range.