After School Program Partners

Berlitz Kids programs are highly engaging and interactive, requiring the students to participate actively. Researchers report that student participation is the most significant variable in students’ rate of learning.

Their conversational method engages children and gets them talking from the very beginning. Age-appropriate instruction and materials featuring lively, fun activities highlight our programs. The native-fluent instructors are specially trained in teaching children. Our global network gives Berlitz Kids the resources and perspective to provide high-quality, culturally rich language instruction.

French classes are featured in After School Explorers' Club.


For over 25 years Church Street School for Music & Art (CSSMA) has specialized in process-oriented music and art education that supports developmental growth and fosters creative thinking. CSSMA strives to give expression to each student’s unique artistic voice sense through direct experience, while providing a strong foundation in technique and theory. All programs are led by a faculty of professional teaching artists, musicians, and educators who believe deeply in the importance and accessibility of the arts to all.

Group Piano, Group Violin, Visual Art (Drawing, Painting, & Sculpture) are featured in After School Explorers' Club.


The KING After School sports program is meant for the active kid that is looking to learn the fundamentals of sports. Our curriculum rotates between units of sports, where children will learn fundamental movements and learn the rules of the different core sports. In addition, children will begin to learn the fundamentals of becoming a strong athlete with skills such as footwork, agility, and flexibility.

The program will cover units based on age, including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, football, and more. We also incorporate many physical education games into the class to make the program an active, fun experience for all. The class is non-competitive and suitable for any age or skill-level.

KING Intro to Sports and Soccer is featured in After School Explorers' Club.


The core of our STEAM-mastery makerspace program isthe "Challenge" project (science, tech, engineering, arts,math). Challenges are 10-45 min. hands-on building projectswhich lead our kids into new skill masteries everyday. OurChallenges are developed by experienced maker-educatorsand playtested in makerspaces with partners as, NYU-ITP, EdLab Teachers College-ColumbiaUniversity, Schools That Can, and Highlander Institute.

The popular MakerState class Junior Engineers is featured in After School Explorers' Club.


Physique's learn to swim program offers superior instructional swimming providing individual attention in small group classes which allow for students to learn at any ability and level. Aquatic instruction is customized to each child’s swimming goals and needs. Physique teaches all swimming fundamentals and safety to all beginner swimmers and provide stroke clinic analysis to our most advanced swimmers.

Physique Swimming, including transportation to the pool, is featured in After School Explorers' Club.






Our USTA Quick Start format makes learning tennis easier and more fun than ever! Our programs introduce tennis sized right for kids so they develop skills and have fun right from the start. Using modified equipment and courts tailored to a child’s size and age, kids will learn, rally, play and compete quickly and in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Tiny Tots and Mighty Mites levels are featured in After School Explorers' Club.




Based in NYC, FunikiJam has evolved into a landmark early childhood education and entertainment organization with an annual reach of over 70,000 patrons. Uniquely blending Barrentine's original rhymes, chants, songs and stories with indigenous music from around the world, FunikiJam's mission is to empower global citizens to reach their highest potential through its trademark "music exploration for the next generation" classes, live shows, musical recordings, film production, and teacher training.

Music and Movement Class are featured in After School Explorers' Club.



First-ever online platform that allows families to connect with Kid Experts based on the activities they’d like their children to experience. Curated Care not only allows parents to be confident in who they bring into their home, but it also provides artists, performers, and educators the opportunity to share their talents with children.

The chess class is engaging and multi disciplined approach to teaching the rules and strategies involved in Chess. The child will learn to look at a problem from all angles and consider possible solutions as well as plan ahead and change their plan once an opponent has jeopardized it. Children get to see the result of his or her decision and we will be able to discuss this as a class. Chess teaches children how to make decisions and take responsibility for consequences of their choice in a safe and nurturing setting. My main goal is to have a fun class that inspires enthusiastic independent thinkers!

Teacher Georgia grew up in Australia playing chess with her mum! She finished school and started helping kids with math and problem solving skills. Within a few years that developed into a thriving business that gave kids the confidence to thrive in their math classes at school. Her theatre background enables her the skills to keep young students engaged and most importantly develop a passion and LOVE of chess and math.

For yoga class the teacher will be Katrina Ong, she is an accomplished teaching artist with experience in both dance and yoga. Her imagination-inspired yoga class will be the perfect compliment to our already comprehensive after school program. Children face many distractions, temptations, overstimulation, and peer pressure. Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement. It gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Yoga increases confidence and decreases anxiety. Each week, Katrina will give explore different themes and movements through the power of yoga. They’ll explore the jungle while growing their tree poses tall and strong. They’ll swim through the ocean while stretching their bodies far and wide. Project Playdate is thrilled to have Katrina on the team and she cannot wait to explore, create and inspire with your children!

Chess and Yoga Class are featured in After School Explorers' Club.


Manhattan Mandarin is a Mandarin Chinese language center for children of all ages. Our slogan says it all, "where Mandarin is a playground". Our vision is to create a playful immersion environment where children will discover joy in learning Mandarin, as well as cultivating a lifelong passion and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.




Mandarin Language Class are featured in After School Explorers' Club.