Where is Events by Project Playdate available?

We can accommodate events within the New York City area. However, events outside of NYC may require an additional travel fee. Pricing subject to change based on the level of customization and ultimate group size. Refunds not available for expected guests who do not show up or for party cancellations. Refunds only available if we are unable to service your event location or date requested.

How specialists are qualified to work for Events by Project Playdate?

Events by Project Playdate specialists are hired directly through PAL by Project Playdate - a marketplace of well-paid and meaningful job opportunities for the best people in childcare. Previous childcare experience is a must. At each event, there is always a CPR-Certified child care leader on site., Events by Project Playdate specialists are recruited from top universities and have a special interest in social services, entertainment and/or education.

What is the difference between a Specialist and an Event Coordinator?

Specialists refer to our childcare teams consist of highly vetted and fully insured Specialists from our neighboring PAL platform. Visit PAL to explore their qualifications or to hire them directly.

Event Coordinators are masters at planning safe and entertaining children's experiences. They will ensure professional end-to-end coordination and execution of your special event.

Can Events by Project Playdate help me hire a Specialist?

Absolutely! Events by Project Playdate provides the perfect opportunity for you to meet the specialist that will change your family's life! We hire only the best child care providers from our neighboring PAL platform. We understand that the process of finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming, so we are here to help! At any playdate, your kids have the chance to build a relationship with and choose the sitter they vibe with most. We foster these bonds organically so that the transition into private care can be seamless and exciting for the whole family. Drop us a line and we’ll give you some advice on what to do next.

Can I request additional hours?

Our events are always partly staffed by PAL by Project Playdate. We can help you sign-up with one of these services and request additional hours with someone staffing our event. This usually requires a week's notice so that you’ll have to meet our caregiver in advance. This way, you’ll feel comfortable with him or her bringing your child(ren) home for private care. You might also want to consider booking a Private Playdate through our neighboring PAL platform. You can customize the day in any way you’d like, including the duration of care.

Is food provided?

The event host usually provides the food but we ensure to assist your kids with their meal. Snacks and water are always available. If you'd prefer, you are welcome to pack a meal for your child. Just let us know!

Does Event by Project Playdate accommodate children with Allergies?

Of course! We usually provide a sign-up form upon request of the event planner. When you sign up, please indicate any special needs or accommodations for your child. Events by Project Playdate avoid serving foods that contain nuts and parents are always welcome to pack meals for their children.

What if I am late to pick up my child from the event?

To respect our staff and hosts children are not permitted to stay after the designated time for pick up. Late parents will be charged a late fee at $1/minute overtime that will be sent as an invoice. We hope you understand! To prevent this charge, Events by Project Playdate has an extended care service for parents that plan to stay out longer than the duration of our event. We will match your family with a quality caregiver from PAL by Project Playdate before the event so that your children can be taken home for private care. Please inquire about the date you are interested in.