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Project Playdate Provides Childcare, NYC Style

"With “drop-off” programs anchored at local enrichment venues, Project Playdate offers babysitting with a twist."

"Tempering the Tantrums - A Q&A with professional meltdown-averter Amanda Raposo, executive director of the wedding-sitter service Project Playdate."
"This is Project Playdate, where hip parents deposit their young ones while they head off for a few hours of kid-free fun on the weekend."
"Email invitations complete with menus and the plan for the evening had been sent to the children beforehand. A projector and a screen for movies, tables coloring books, comfortable chairs for reading and being read to are all part of Project’s Playdate’s service."
"As moms ourselves, we knew firsthand how hard it is to tackle everything on our long to-do lists, especially with kids underfoot, so we think these Summer Playdates with Project Playdate sound wonderful"


Inside the Totally Awesome Project Playdate with Amanda Raposo

"Project Playdate, a lifesaver business and your Totally Awesome pick for NYC’s best drop-off childcare program."


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