Leadership Training


We operate in the school of play.

The SMART Playbook
Game-changing life skills for a modern world. 

We are thrilled to partner with the award-winning book, The SMART Playbook! These engaging activity books offer a hands-on entertaining approach to teach children vital social skills. Our new and improved curriculum will integrate SMART games and challenges from the books to help children gain confidence, character and empathy. SMART topics will include kindness and manner games, dinner conversation cards, and the Kindness Hunt to promote social and emotional development.

Group Drop Off Care
Introduction to new people and experiences.

This playful experience encourages them to engage in social and creative activities while feeling part of a larger community and learning to trust themselves in a new surrounding. In a group play setting, children are able to appreciate and respond to peers' feelings, develop healthy verbal and non-verbal communication skills, negotiate roles, collaborate, resolve conflict, self-advocate, and share both objects and experiences, ultimately developing powerful interpersonal skills.

The Power of Play

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) unstructured play is essential to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and youth.

Brain Development

The emphasis on physical play at Project Playdate - through dance and organized group games - help children develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. As these connections develop, a child’s “fine and gross motor skills, socialization, personal awareness, language, creativity and problem solving are improved.”

Healthy Habits

By helping children associate physical activity with fun and feeling good, we can instill healthy behaviors at a young age that will affect their desire to be active and healthy as they grow!

A sticker system that rewards character-building behaviors.

We practice skills that will cultivate a new generation of self-aware, ambitious, and compassionate leaders. Studies have found that kids who develop these skills are not only more likely to do well at school and at work but also grow to have healthier relationships and achieve a higher level of overall happiness. With the new Big Kids Club, we are able to further develop these leadership skills by including our "Project Playdate graduates" at the playdates as co-leaders and caretakers.

Arts and crafts

We encourage our kids to work together or independently to figure out how to complete the craft activity without too much adult guidance so that they can practice their problem solving skills. Creativity: We make sure that all of our craft projects instill creativity and a love for the arts! Pride: We can see, first-hand, the sense of pride they experience once their project is complete. This increased self-esteem contributes to a child’s feeling of confidence in the classroom. 

Interactive Story Time
Identifying feelings. 

The stories we choose are with intention to help children identify their feelings, overcome fear, enhance problem-solving skills and their imaginations.

Active Listening and Communication

At Project Playdate, story time is interactive and conversational. We talk about the characters, their challenges and their solutions. We encourage our kids to relate the story to their own experiences and listen to the experiences of one another. In doing so, they are better able understand their own feelings and to value how others feel.