Social Impact

Project Playdate operates as a 501(c)3 organization. Through proceeds and in-kind goods from Project Playdate events, we can support organizations helping women and children in need.

The ultimate goal: to help moms achieve financial security by using Project Playdate as a platform for funding, mentorship, entrepreneurship and employment.

We'll have a mentorship program that consists of 'mom mentors'. We'll offer free or subsidized child care for the working or 'job searching' mom. We'll offer flexible employment training and opportunities for our moms while supporting long term career goals. We’ll even teach our moms how to use this educational group care model and leverage their own child care skills to start their own community-based playdate series. This way, they can maintain flexible employment required for motherhood and learn invaluable business skills in the process.

We value social impact, education and shaping the next generation of leaders and changemakers. We believe that modeling this behavior is the best way to inspire good.