"Thank you so so much for making Jonathan's birthday party simply perfect. It was exactly as we imagined it and even better! We got so many compliments on the event and everyone had such a good time. And most importantly- Jonathan enjoyed the party so much, that the day after when I told him we are going for a walk, he said - 'I want to go to my party again!'"

Nitsan Cherkassky

"I am beyond impressed! Your team goes above and beyond the typical child care to instill values of kindness and respect. Thanks for making it a wonderful party!

Mandisa Khanna

"I had 3 comments that it was the best kids party, families had ever attended. I was blown away by the team you selected too."

~ Bianca Peachey

"Thanks so much for an amazing party today - you and your staff were wonderful. Thank you for taking our theme and embedding it in creative ways throughout the day. You had a jam-packed agenda but were also flexible and able to cater to the particular group, the environment, and everyone's energy levels. The kids loved you and the parents were able to relax and have a great time."

~ Karin-Elizabeth Michelle Ouchida

"We just got back from a whirlwind 3-week honeymoon and I'm adjusting back to real life--but I've been meaning to say how much we loved you and your team during our big day! Thank you so much for providing our kids such a wonderful experience--I can't count how many times parents (and non-parents!) came up to us and told us what a wonderful idea it was and how great a job you guys were doing. It gave us such a peace of mind knowing that our little ones were having so much fun! Thanks again for everything and I absolutely can't wait to recommend you to future couples!"

~ Christa Joanna Lee

"You’ve got a terrific concept and are executing it beautifully. I’ll think of you first as future clients inquire about childcare options."

~ Ed Steinberg, Abigail Kirsch

"The team was such a hit, everyone was calling it "camp playdate" ha!! The parents were all so thrilled they didn't have to watch their kids 24/7 during the party and could truly relax knowing they were in your team's hands. Thank you and I'm sure we'll work together again soon!"

~ Gabrielle, Marcy Blum Associates

“As parents, we were truly impressed with Project Playdate. The level of care far exceeded our expectations with other programs Madden has participated in. We appreciated how Welcome Amanda made him feel upon arrival, his own name written in the cubby space, and his cute goodie bag at the end. He was very excited and inspired to earn stickers for leadership, he made a new friend, and felt safe and secure. The details make PP stand apart from other services and Madden wants to come back for another playdate soon! All pluses in my book.”

~ Jessica Ryan

“The kids loved it! We moved to NY in April and finding kids for them to play with has been not easy. This was exactly what they needed. The babysitters were outstanding. We have had trouble finding someone our kids were comfortable staying with. My husband and I were thrilled that both kids ran off to have fun and didn't even look back. We will definitely be back and will certainly recommend and support your program anyway that we can.”

~ Project Playdate Parent

"I'd love to take the opportunity to tell you how wonderful we thought it was. I was so impressed with the staff & the facility. The staff had such a great inviting, energetic attitude & my children had obviously had plenty of close contact. They had an amazing time & we all can't wait to do it again."

~ Project Playdate Parent

“I love what you’re doing for charity and for parents who just want a few hours to grab dinner or a drink sans the kids…We were also very impressed by the volunteers who were watching the kids. They were caring and welcoming. As parents who rarely even hire sitters for an evening out, it was reassuring to see that the volunteers were very qualified and friendly. Thanks again.”

~ Project Playdate Parent

“My husband and I are thrilled. Our son had a great time. We had a great time - guilt free! The location is perfect for us. The charity is one that personally hits close to home for me. We now have an opportunity to perhaps meet a sitter that we can use at home - it's so hard to find a good sitter! This is just an all around a win-win situation. Not to mention creation of good karma! We are so looking forward to monthly date nights/ pajama parties!”

~ Project Playdate Parent

“I first heard about it when I was pregnant with my second child and knew I'd have to wait a while before I could drop BOTH kids off--didn't think about only dropping off my daughter for some fun.  Might be an untapped market for you guys?  In any case, a girlfriend of mine sent me an invite to send my kids at a discount (she also got a discount).  That's when I realized it was time!  We could finally partake!  It was nice in that it just WAS.  We knew when it took place, no coordination of a babysitter, it was fun for the kids and we organized to ensure many of their friends were there the same night. I liked that it was a mix of different activities -- arts & crafts, bouncing, dinner, movie.  My kids loved it all.  Especially playing with their friends.”

~ Heidi Upton

“Project Playdate is an active slumber party for the pre-K and kindergarten set, guilt-free parent’s night out and an opportunity to good for others and yourself. The best part of it is my kid interacts with his school friends because we’ve managed to get a lot of them on board. I also used Project Playdate as a birthday party venue and think the idea of allowing a group of parents to have an evening off while contributing to charity is brilliant.”

~ Janet Raiffa

“We feel that what this organization stands for is a great cause. Not only does it benefit woman in need, but also families get to have a night out once a month and know that their children are in great hands and having fun! From working with Project Playdate over the years, I was really fascinated by how much the families have really developed a relationship with Amanda and her team. My personal favorite part is when I get to see those smiling kids in their pajamas so excited in anticipation of Pajama night. The whole organization has been great to work with and not only have we been able to introduce families to Project Playdate, many families are now exposed to what Kidville is all about and I feel like that has created such a great partnership where we are able to help each other. Amanda and her team has made this such a seamless partnership for us, they are always organized, kind, and seem to have everything in order. I am happy that we are able to accommodate them in our facility.”

~ Roseanna Jasopersaud

“Thanks so much for helping us make it a special day. Looks like the kids had a great time! Definitely a great service."

~ Kimberley Chien

“Thank you very much for a fab party on Saturday!  The kids has so much fun and we appreciate the hustle and flexibility with the venue change. Please tell the team thank you from all of us as well.”

~ Jessica Chalifoux

“Catherine really enjoyed the night with Project Playdate. The girls were so nice and Catherine woke up asking if she could go back. I had never done anything like that and was so glad we tried it!”

~ Kerry Eschwie

“I really can't say enough good things about this program.  My son LOVES it. When we drop him off, he's like, "yeah, see you, bye" and takes off to go play.  The behavior incentives are great, and he always comes home with a lot of positive reinforcement for good behavior.  There's physical activity, arts and crafts, pizza and usually a decent movie (usually Disney). The customer service is also amazing - Amanda and Maura have been kind and responsive to every email.  Oh, and a portion of the proceeds go to a charity that benefits women in need.  

We've been to five play dates so far, on Groupon or other discount codes, and will be happy to pay full price moving forward.  It's the same price as a sitter, but with all the extra stuff that makes my five-year-old look forward to it each month.  Thank you so much, Project Playdate team, for giving us a great option for an evening out each month!”

~ Jillian T.

“This was perfect - exactly what we needed for the evening and the parents could NOT stop complimenting the PP team!!  Most of our friends' children are younger than 2 years old so moms were understandably nervous but once they saw how great you were -- they were stress-free and EVERYONE had a great time.  Thank you so much!”

~ Sharon

“The kids had a great time. The parents were very appreciative of how tired they all were. Daisy said "it was the best birthday ever!"”

~ Jessica Chalifoux

"You girls were all amazing & SO prepared with all of the games, toys, etc. my goodness! Such a great idea & I will certainly highly recommend Project Playdate to other vendors as well as keep you on my list for future clients looking for something like this again!"

~ Michelle Elaine Weddings

"This is awesome! Your service was unparalleled by anything else we've experienced at an event. Thank you for giving Kian such a great time."

~ Maryam