Arts with Miss Danielle In Home Group Playdate (3 Hours)

Arts with Miss Danielle In Home Group Playdate (3 Hours)

$ 395.00

Turn your next babysitting opportunity into an engaging and activity-filled group playdate!

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Turn your playdate into a creative masterpiece with Miss Danielle's on-the-go art program. Children of all ages can experience a one of a kind art class with Danielle, delivered at their door! Danielle can meet for class at your apartment, play-space, friend's house, even your favorite city park! For her younger students, Danielle provides creative art projects and crafts based around a theme following the yearly calendar, or a fun theme of you and your child's choosing. For her Elementary-aged students, Danielle's program has a deeper focus on different methods, mediums, and artists studies. Danielle combines her Early Childhood and Arts Education background to create unique and individualized curriculums to engage your children and help them explore their creativity!

In addition to the Arts and Crafts Workshop, Project Playdate will organize a series of activities to engage children in group play and social development during this non-stop-fun 3-hour playdate! There will always be a 1:4 adult child ratio so that you can be sure that your children will receive exception child care to supplement this enriching experience.

Additional staff member may be recommended for younger age groups or for groups of 5 or more children. Additional staff member at $20/hour. 

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On the chance that we are unavailable for the date listed, we will provide a full refund. You can check our Playdate Specialists’ calendar to confirm availability here.

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