Cooking and Nutrition Playgroup

Cooking and Nutrition Playgroup

$ 120.00

Cooking and Nutrition Class

This cooking and nutrition class introduces kids to basic cooking skills including how to prepare and enjoy healthy foods that are both nutritious and delicious. In addition, students will learn about basic nutrition, making healthy choices, and will even practice select life skills (like mindfulness) that will foster healthy habits and positive well-being.

Playgroups are structured social care experiences that can take place almost anywhere. We recommend any movement-based playdate occur at a local playground or outdoor space. All other enrichment opportunities can be hosted in a living room, hotel room, residential playroom, and some even at a local restaurant. All playgroups include an enriching activity, play-time, and facilitated group games. 

Additional activity expenses, meals, other requested add-ons, and $20 service fee will be included at-cost in the final invoice.

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