Feb. 19th: KidPass and Little Dunkers

Feb. 19th: KidPass and Little Dunkers

$ 140.00

Ages 3 to 6
$140 one child, $85 siblings
February 19th
Kids will play on an adjustable basket with mini basketballs, learn to catch and pass a basketball, shoot the ball correctly, play defense and rebound.

Kids will also have fun, and dance and sing music. Kids will walk away excited and inspired after they shoot mini basketballs on our adjustable baskets.
9:30am-10:40am - Little Dunkers (Ages 3-6)
10:40am-11am - Snack Time
11am-11:30am - Walk over and arrival - AMNH
11:30am-12:30 - AMNH Tour Part 1
12:30am-1pm - LUNCH (packed) (HALF DAY DROP OFF OR PICK UP)
1pm-1:30pm - Arts and Crafts
1:30pm-3:30pm - AMNH Tour Part 2

Supervised travel sold and coordinated separately (limited).
At least 48 hours notice recommended for KidPass Camp

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