Red Cross First Aid/CPR Training

Red Cross First Aid/CPR Training

$ 85.00

The number one priority of Project Playdate is to ensure the safety of your children. To uphold these standards, we actively train child care providers Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR through the Red Cross. This intimate training of no more than 10 students is encouraged for parents and any other childcare provider that is responsible for your child’s safety.

The class covers:

• A comprehensive overview of adult, infant and child CPR and First Aid

• Cardiac emergencies and administering CPR

• Breathing emergencies

• And more!

This highly interactive course includes lessons on how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies until advanced medical personnel take over. It involves recognizing life threatening symptoms and learning how to act quickly to perform potentially life saving actions. This course prepares you to care for adults, children, and infants during these types of medical emergencies. Your certification will be valid for two years. Let's keep our kids safe!

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